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Holy crap, I'm so glad you're here! I have so many weird things to show you. And I had to go back to 1994 to do it. That's when I am. Keep up.

Anyway, I'm working on some interactive word experiments to combat the Time Eaters

Experiments that will change everything:

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How did we get here? Did we travel a series of tubes? Traverse the Alps? Dive the Mariana Trench?

I came into possession of a cerain bejeweled idol some years ago. It was acqruired through grey market means, shall we say...


The lady who sold me the idol told me that it would allow me to travel through time, but only to 1994, and I would lose my mind in the process.

So I went back to 1994 and I haven't lost my mind. My mind is sharp as a fucking razor.


We have to stop the Time Eaters. As their name implies, they eat time. We didn't have much time before the Time Eaters came along, and now we can barely function.

They haunt liminal spaces, the Time Eaters. That's why when you see an empty transitory space it fills you with an uneasy calm. That's the feeling of time being syphoned off of you.


The Time eaters will arrive in 1995. So I must set about the task of preparing the landscape to combat them in time!

I use my computer to hack the time tunnels of the web. That's how I can update to the 2020s.


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