Field Notes


I am bigger than technology!!


I think it was Mark Fisher that said we look to the 90s for nostalgia because it was the last time we could envision a future. It was probably Mark Fisher. I can't seem to find out who it was through the dial-up time tunnels. But there is a sense of future here in 1994. A techno-futurism that hasn't been soured by falling buildings or social media. Optimism runs high... at least among the moneyed set. And bless 'em. They don't know how rotten it's going to get.


I realize now how to stop the Time Eaters! It has to do with the enrichment of the quality of time. If you have quality time, Time Eaters can't eat it, because it's too thick. It can't fit in their time holes. So I need to figure out how to starve them out by enriching people's time.


I keep dreaming of the Time Eaters. I wake up in cold sweats. I drink whiskey to go back to sleep. Sometimes I get the shakes. I'm still no closer to finding the answer to this problem.


I just bought some weed and it's like 90% seeds. I guess real weed hasn't been invented yet. I fucking hate the 90s now.


I told some folks at a bar that I'm from the future. My drinking is getting out of hand. But hey, it's Friday. They asked me who's going to be president. I told them the next four presidents. They just started laughing. Can't say I blame them.


I'm looking through the time tubes of the internet, looking for info on how to defeat the Time Eaters. Information is elusive. I have dial-up here. Can't even watch youtube. A picture takes almost a minute to load. I won't be able to get wifi for years. This is a little disheartening.


Today I watched The Simpsons and ate hot cheetos and frequently looked out the window to see if anything was happening. I am living in a shitty La Quinta. I make money through the Biff Tannen method. Nothing major to report with regards to the mission.

copyright 2021 Marty Shambles